Auto Injury

Automobile Injuries

Here at Binder Integrated Health Center we specialize in Personal Injury Cases and have been THE destination for auto accident injuries for over 20 years. Dr. Binder has extensive experience in correcting a multitude of injuries.

Important: We examine your spine and other injuries much differently than an emergency room or medical doctor. Just because you have no fractures and are cleared by either of these facilities does not mean that you are well.

VERY IMPORTANT: The most common cause of lingering, long-term pain after an auto accident comes from spinal misalignments that occur during the accident and create nerve pressure and PAIN! Medication alone will never correct these issues and you may only have a limited amount of time to be evaluated for it to be fully covered by your case. Call and schedule your free consultation with the doctor to discuss your accident and injuries and see if you qualify for care in our office.

Our staff works closely with lawyer's offices and liability companies to ensure that the patients have only the responsibility of showing up for treatment and allowing their injuries to heal. Automobile injuries can involve all parts of the body, from the head down to the toes. Exams and x-rays are performed before any treatment occurs to provide the patient with peace of mind that their injuries do have a cause and that Dr. Binder knows what that cause is and how to successfully treat them. We have a handful of therapies that can be performed on these patients such as hydrotherapy, cold laser therapy, and decompression to help rid their discomfort that the accident has caused. Dr. Binder is able to use the Ultralign on patients whose injuries are too extensive or too inflamed at the time for manual adjustments. Our goal here at Binder Integrated Health is to successfully rid these patients of their pain.

Don't procrastinate, make an appointment today for an evaluation to ensure that you haven't been injured!

Call our office and let the receptionist know that you have been in an accident and want to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Binder  
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