Lower Back Pain

Dr. Binder has successfully treated many thousands of lower back pain cases over the years. His formula for success is simple:


You must find the absolute source of the pain before treating anythingAND lower back pain will never be CORRECTED with injections and medicines.


The source of the pain usually involves some change in the mechanical position of the spine and/or pelvic girdle that has occurred from years of forces and use and/or some kind of trauma. The shifting of position causes irritation of spinal nerves and/or abnormal pressure on discs. (Disc bulges are rarely the cause of the pain.)


Dr. Binder measures these structures and finds the exact amount of deviation of position and will SHOW YOU on the x-rays how your structure is creating the source of the pain!


Dr. Binder's technique and physical touch in adjusting the spine and pelvis has been refined by hundreds of thousands of adjustments. With the use of technology such as the Ultralign technology (formerly ProAdjuster) as well as Cold Lasers, he is able to release the pressure on the nerves and discs and allow the healing of any irritated tissue to begin.

Our Goal:

Get to the cause, gently and painlessly remove it, and get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Our Advantage

We have a high-tech facility which includes laser therapy for accelerated healing, modern soft tissue therapies, spinal decompression for difficult disc conditions, as well as an in-house x-ray machine and processor that is necessary for accurate diagnosis.