Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

"Frozen Shoulder"


Frozen Shoulder syndrome typically occurs when a shoulder is stuck in a pattern of neurologic dysfunction causing the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to contract and prevent normal movement. The joint "freezes" in a position that results in a very limited range of motion. Most patients complain of extreme stiffness and at times have intolerable pain which seems to worsen at night causing irregular sleep patterns.​

At Binder Integrated Health Center we are helping people to eliminate their pain, reduce inflammation, repair nerve fibers, and restore the shoulder to normal function. Dr. Binder uses a unique neurologic approach to reprogramming the neurologic signals by utilizing a combination of technologies and procedures that can often "unlock" a frozen shoulder that has been immovable for years. Using our advanced method of treatment this can easily be achieved in as little as one or two visits.

These functional neurology procedures are truly a breakthrough in the treatment of shoulder function issues and involve a deep and thorough knowledge of the workings of the nervous system. The days of heat application, stretching, and electric stimulation are over! At BIHC we are proud to have the privilege of being one of the only clinics on the East coast that practice functional neurology and have the knowledge and training with the latest and most advanced neurologic technologies and procedures. Functional neurology is the health care of the future! ​​

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