Plantar Fasciitis

Are you struggling with severe foot pain?

Do you suffer from a stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot near the heel?

Do you often experience foot pain after standing for extended periods of time?

Do you experience foot pain when you rise from sitting for a while?

Have you noticed that the arch and heel of your foot are stiff inhibiting your ability to walk?


The foot is a complex structure - 26 bones, ligaments, tendons, vessels, and nerves. The foot is the base of the human structure and withstands the weight of your body in addition to stress from normal daily activities and mobility.​ Under normal circumstances, the plantar fascia acts like a shock-absorbing bowstring, supporting the arch of your foot. Excessive tension or stress applied to the foot can cause the fascia to become inflamed and small tears will arise. ​

If ignored, plantar fasciitis can hinder your ability to walk making the act of basic locomotion a hindrance to your lifestyle. Nerves may become damaged and other components within the foot may shift and in some cases, blood flow to the feet is significantly reduced causing a change in the skin color and appearance. Additionally, if a person changes the way they walk in the attempt to minimize the pain experienced from this condition it could potentially lead to knee, hip, or back problems. ​

For many years, traditional medicine and pain management has managed foot pain with prescription medications and orthotics that only mask the pain only to give minimal and temporary relief.

There IS another treatment option for you to achieve relief from your foot pain. There IS hope...

Binder Integrated Health Center wants to help you relieve your foot pain, restore total function and improve mobility. Our comprehensive treatment addresses every component in the foot. We DO NOT just aim to protect the foot by giving orthotics nor do we treat the pain of this condition with medications.

Our modern approach to combating plantar fasciitis and healing you from this condition is by focusing on EVERY element within the foot. The bones position is mobilized and aligned. Advanced techniques improve blood flow and promote healing. The use of cold laser therapy heals the soft tissue and accelerates the healing process. Neurologic technologies normalize and restore nerve function as well as ligament and tendon flexibility.

Our foot treatments are nothing short of amazing. Let us help you today!

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