Functional Neurology is an exciting approach to healthcare. Traditionally, neurology tends to look at disease as black-and-white with one side being optimal neurologic function and the other being neurologic dysfunction or disease (tumors, strokes, etc.). Essentially, this method of approach to healthcare could be classified as a preventative model of treatment as well as healing method of treatment.

The primary purpose of functional neurology is to treat the patient on the cellular level by looking for subtle changes or malfunctions in the nervous system before they become distinct pathologies or result in the need for surgery in order to attempt to restore function within the body. It is crucial that the nerves within our body receive fuel and activation so that they can survive and perform the duties necessary for the body to benefit fully and allow the optimal function to be executed to its highest potential.

Dr. Binder has endured extensive training in functional neurology. His training has allowed him to evaluate and identify how the nerves and the nervous system play a significant role in reversing the pain of bone-on-bone knee pain, neuropathy, severe foot pain or plantar fasciitis, and frozen shoulder syndrome.


​If you are suffering with chronic pain conditions, tired of prescription drug treatment and injections, or if you're facing surgery in attempt for some relief you may be a candidate for our functional neurology program. You may qualify to recieve advanced neurologic treatment and eliminate the need for medications, injections, and/or surgery all together.