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When underlying dysfunctions are discovered in other areas of the body, they need to be addressed accordingly; if not handled appropriately, a person's chance of healing is diminished! At Binder Integrated Health Center, we find that in order to optimize thyroid function, the gut/immune system, liver, adrenal, and brain health need to be optimized as well.

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What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune diseases are a unique class of illnesses. Essentially they are characterized by the immune system no longer attacking foreign invaders but instead begin to attack our own tissues. In other words, autoimmune disease is a case of mistaken identity. In response to some kind of trigger, the immune system starts overreacting and misfiring, producing antibodies that attack the bodies own tissues instead of foreign invaders. Organs and tissues (such as the thyroid gland) can be damaged as a result. Oftentimes, people suffer from autoimmune "flare-ups" when an inflammatory trigger causes severe symptoms to surface for a period of time.

In order to pinpoint the precise reason as to WHY the body begins to attack itself you must thoroughly analyze several components such as genetics and the patient's family history, any potential environmental factors (toxins or physical stress/trauma), food sensitivities, and/or hormonal imbalances. In addition to the external factors, it is crucial that the patient is thoroughly tested to identify any internal factors that may have caused the body to attack itself. The gut or intestine is responsible for a majority of the body's overall health and wellness, therefore, complex testing to evaluate the small intestine for bacterial growth, permeability, or toxicity is required in order to determine the underlying cause for the body to malfunction.

Ultimately, there are several key factors that must be present in order to develop an autoimmune disease. Certainly, there could be a possible genetic component resulting in the development of the disease, but triggers must occur in order for the disease to express itself. Generally, the "trigger" is caused by exposure to toxins, physical trauma/traumatic event that was a major stressor on the body. Nonetheless, just because you have a history of autoimmune disease in your family does not mean you will ultimately develop the disease also.

Have you been diagnosed with a debilitating Autoimmune Disease?

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Are you determined to relinquish the pain you are suffering?

Is your health truly your #1 priority?

Conventional treatment for autoimmune disease generally focuses on reducing immune system activity with immunosuppressive drugs. While these medications can be effective at reducing some of the symptoms, ultimately suppressing the entire immune system, they, unfortunately, bring about many unwanted side effects such as fatigue, weight gain, depression, increased susceptibility to infection, and even cancer.​​

While reversing autoimmune disorders has not been scientifically proven as impossible, we aim to help uncover functional imbalances in the body to help construct a treatment plan that is focused ideally on improving the symptoms.

Oftentimes, there are many contributing factors making your health and well-being better or worse while struggling with an autoimmune condition. However, if you are motivated and ready to improve your overall well-being through lifestyle care, you are in the right place. At Binder Integrated Health Center it is our mission to help you find ways to combat the pain and annoyance of what you are facing.

Our advanced method of treatment uses practical, scientifically based mechanisms to help you strengthen your body's overall health in order for you to live a life that you can enjoy with little to no pain. We strive to provide you the necessary support and guidance using our functional model of health in regard to helping you become the best you possible!

At Binder Integrated Health Center we look deeper and search tirelessly to discover more about functional imbalances that contribute to your autoimmune condition. Through extensive testing and thorough analysis, we will evaluate your condition entirely and with the data that is collected we will construct a personalized treatment plan that is unique to your specific condition and the environmental components of your lifestyle.

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At Binder Integrated Health Center we have the technology, training, and mechanisms in place that is essential to identifying the root cause(s) of your illness and we are eager to help you find relief from your symptoms.

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