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Our results are not a boast of our abilities, rather, they are a compliment to the outstanding work of ethic of the patients we admit.

Former Type II Diabetic

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2008 with an A1C of 7.9 and my glucose levels were consistently in the 180-200 range, even while taking the prescription drugs Metformin and Glipizide. After qualifying for the Diabetes Reversal Program at Binder Integrated Health Center and completing the necessary testing, Dr. Binder found that cause of my body's inability to manage my blood sugar. He customized a treatment plan specific to my condition and within 5 months of treatment, my A1C was down to 5.6 and my glucose levels significantly decreased with readings in the 90's. I am now off ALL medications and I have managed to lose 20 pounds without dieting. My energy level has increased and is back to normal. I feel like my life is back to normal and I feel great! Thanks, Dr. B! CLINTON

Previous Knee Replacement Candidate

"For many years, I have struggled with the frustrating limitations of chronic knee pain. I've received multiple cortisone shots and rooster cone injections with very minimal and temporary relief. I was informed that my ONLY option was knee replacement surgery. At that time I could not walk more than 10 minutes at a time without having to stop. I was gaining weight, felt very discouraged and was losing hope. Thankfully I found Dr. Binder's amazing knee program! At my consultation visit not only did Dr/ Binder and I thoroughly review my knee condition, previous treatments, and my knee pain history; but I got to experience the neurologic treatment techniques, laser therapy, as well as other very specialized and advanced nerve therapy devices. After the treatment was completed I could tell a HUGE difference and it was just my FIRST VISIT! I am now 80 years old and I have NO PAIN in my knees even though I do have arthritis. I am now capable of walking as long and as far as I desire. Every other afternoon I meet some friends at the mall to get a little exercise by walking 3 miles. I am happy to say that I am able to complete my exercise without experiencing any pain or slowing down everyone else. Dr. Binder and his staff have helped me to regain my health, my confidence, my happiness, and most of all... MY LIFE!! I am so thankful for Dr. Binder and his passion for helping people to reclaim their life through the use of modern technology and natural wellness." JOY

Chiropractic and wellness patient

When my mid back pain began in 2006, I went to see my medical doctor who prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxers. X-rays were taken and I was told that there was nothing wrong and the doctor focused on my heart. I couldn't walk without crutches, I couldn't sit without my back being aggravated, I had to sleep in a reclined position if I wanted any sleep at night. Before beginning treatment with Dr. Binder, I hadn't walked without crutches for over 5 years, I was in constant pain, and I was seeking disability because I was unable to work due to the intensity of the pain. After several visits of therapy and adjustments, I was shockingly able to walk without my crutches and now live virtually pain-free. After dealing with medical doctors for 10 years and having to walk with crutches and be in constant pain, I had given up hope. Dr. Binder has been able to restore that hope and I recommend him as a chiropractor to everyone that I know who is suffering from back pain. TIM

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